We Dare You to Not Laugh During This Mythic Quest Preview

A quest for love cut short.
In this exclusive clip from Mythic Quest’s season two finale, which arrives on Apple TV+ June 25, David (David Hornsby) gives Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) and Ian (Rob McElhenney) a cringe-worthy update on his personal life. This admission comes about after the once feuding co-creative directors inform the often-incompetent executive producer that they’re working together again.
“Good news, buddy,” Ian starts off in the clip. “Mom and Dad are getting back together.”
A confused David offers up a simple, “Huh?” Per Poppy, the two leaders have put their issues behind them and are partners once more, adding, “But, for real this time.”
Despite Ian and Poppy’s assurance that they’re working together on an expansion, which will be on time and on budget, David seems less than enthused. “We thought that’d cheer you up,” Ian comments. “What’s going on?”
Without saying much, David reveals, “Yeah, of course you did, ’cause when you commit to someone you expect them to be happy.”

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