Jennifer Aniston’s Rep Sets the Record Straight on Her Adoption Rumor

Sorry, Friends fans: Jennifer Aniston is not on her way to becoming a mom. 
Gossip has been circulating that the 52-year-old actress is adopting her first baby. Rumor has it she shared the alleged news with her Friends co-stars when they all reunited for the HBO Max special this week.
However, Jennifer’s rep thoroughly shuts down the claims, telling E! News, “The story is a fabrication and false.” 
While Jennifer is not on the path to motherhood, she is experiencing another major milestone by returning to her Friends days. The network revealed in February 2020 that the main six cast members would come back for an unscripted special, though filming was later put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
According to TMZ, the HBO Max reunion special was recently filmed over the course of three days at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. It’s expected to stream in the next few months.

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