Britney Spears Says Her Body Looks “Different” After This Change

Britney Spears is sharing a fundamental tip that has helped her feel healthier. 
The 39-year-old pop star, who is known for constantly staying active and showing off her complicated dance moves, posted a new Instagram video on Tuesday, Feb. 23 that featured her fancy footwork to Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” In the caption, she explained why she may look “a little different” than she did in a video she had posted a few days prior. 
“The last video that I posted of me dancing was from months ago,” the singer wrote, “hence why my body looks a little different in this new video !!!!”
Earlier this month, Britney shared a light-hearted message about wanting to adhere to “the ice cream diet.” In her new post, she clarified that, alas, she decided not to give it a try after all. 
“No … I didn’t follow through with the ice cream diet,” she wrote, adding a laughing and ice cream cone emoji. “I chose portion control which is very hard when it comes to Doritos [closed-eyes and laughing emojis] !!!!! On a positive note … my body does feel way better now [flexing emoji] !!!!”

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