Celebrate Galentine’s Day With These Kickass Famous Friendships

The veteran actresses and moms were friends long before they joined forces to produce and star in Hulu’sĀ Little Fires Everywhere.
Wishing Washington happy birthday back in 2016, Witherspoon wrote, “My friend and one of my favorite actresses/producers/mothers/philanthropists, this woman is a champion for change in the world in so many ways… (Not to mention she’s smokin’ hot!)”
Now, of course, the little fire emojis she added could be seen as brilliant foresight.
“I think we are in a really exciting place in terms of opportunities for partnership with other women,” Washington told E! News last year, “but I also feel that this was a unique partnership, just because, I don’t know, sometimes you stumble upon magic, when you’re like, ‘Oh, this is somebody who I love to work with, who I trust, and I know that we’re making each other better.'”

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