Bob’s Burgers’ 10 Tastiest Celebrity Guest Stars

It’s been a decade since we first tasted Bob’s Burgers.
And in that time spent with the Belcher family following their Jan. 9, 2011, debut on Fox, we’ve fallen in love with Bob and his brood—thanks, in large part, to the truly exquisite vocal work performed by the show’s series regulars. With H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal and Larry Murphy regularly recording together as harried diner owner Bob, wife Linda, kids Tina, Gene, Louise, and devoted customer Teddy, respectively, they’ve proven that the industry standard of recording separately isn’t always best. This show soars on a winning chemistry only capable by performing opposite one another.
And that goes double when the series brings in guest stars to populate its charmingly kooky (and still unnamed) seaside community. Over the years, the Belchers have crossed paths with countless characters, many of them played by celebrities whose voices we’d recognize anywhere. While some have gone on to practically become series regulars themselves, like Sarah Silverman (as Ollie) and Jenny Slate (as Tammy), some have kept us hungry for more.

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