Watch Tanya Roberts’ Partner Discover She’s Still Alive Mid-Interview

The entire world was stunned and elated to learn that actress Tanya Roberts had been falsely reported as dead, so it’s easy to imagine how euphoric her longtime partner must have felt when hearing the news. As it turns out, we don’t actually need to imagine it. 
Lance O’Brien, the star’s partner of 18 years, was participating in an interview with Inside Edition on Monday, Jan. 4 when he received a phone call from the hospital informing him that the former Bond girl and That ’70s Show performer was still alive. The stunning reversal followed reports stating that she had died on Jan. 3 after a collapse in her home on Christmas Eve. 
“Now you’re telling me that she’s alive?” a shocked Lance asked over the phone in the footage, seen below. “Oh, thank the lord, thank god.”
He then told the reporter, “The hospital’s telling me she’s alive, and they’re calling me from the ICU.”
Later, an overwhelmed Lance cried heavily while exclaiming, “I’m so happy.”

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